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Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young found his way back in the news with his recent interview with Sports Illustrated.

In his interview Young states ” I hate to name-drop but Ryan Fitzpatrick is still playing? He leads the league in interceptions, and he’s still f****ing getting paid!? I mean what the f*** is going on?”

My question now is does Vince Young have a reason to be mad that Ryan Fitzpatrick is still in the league and he’s not? If you’re asking me, I would respond absolutely not! Let’s take a moment to compare stats.

Comparing Stats:

There’s one thing you can’t take away from Vince Young. He was a winner. He wins the overall win/loss record between Ryan Fitzpatrick and himself. (Young:¬†31-19-0 Fitzpatrick:46-69-1) Now let’s throw that out the window along with Vince’s career.

Fitzpatrick beats Vince in Completion%,¬†Yards per season, as well as Touchdowns per season. In Vince Young’s rant, he states that he doesn’t know how Fitzpatrick is getting paid when he leads the league in interceptions. Did he see his own stats? In his 6-year career, he threw more interceptions (51) than touchdowns (46). He has no argument. You can’t just go out there and bash other quarterbacks for throwing interceptions when that was his biggest flaw as well.

Let’s not forget to talk about a number of injuries Vince Young had including his psychological problems. Which is ultimately one of the biggest reason he isn’t in the NFL today.

It’s not as if Young wasn’t given a chance to re-start his career in the NFL. As he was also released from the Bills, Packers, and Browns. In most cases not even making it out of preseason. Vince Young was last cut from the Saskatchewan Roughriders after suffering a torn hamstring.

Does Vince Young have a legit reason to gripe about Fitzy being employed? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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