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It was a sad day in the wrestling world Sunday as two former WWE superstars have passed away. Nikolai Volkoff, 70, and Brian Christopher, 46, both passed away Sunday.

Volkoff had been in the hospital the last couple days, getting treated for dehydration before he died early Sunday morning.

Christopher died after an apparent suicide attempt. Christopher was arrested a couple days ago outside his home on DUI charges. Last night, July 28, Christopher was rushed to hospital after trying to hang himself in his jail cell. The son of Jerry Lawler was in critical condition before ultimately passing away late Sunday morning.

The sports entertainment world took to Twitter to send their condolences to both men.


Born in Croatia, Volkoff competed famously in the WWF and the AWA. Volkoff was a one-time WWF Tag Team Champion with the Iron Shiek and two-time WWWF International Tag Team Champions with Geto Mongal. Volkoff was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

Volkoff wrestled for ten years in the AWA under Cowboy Bill Watts, but never won a single championship while with the company. Volkoff’s last match took place on June, 9th, 2017 in New Jersey for a promotion named H2O Wrestling against DJ Hyde.



Christopher is most famous for his time as Grand Master Sexay in the WWF/WWE. Christopher debuted in 1997 for the WWF, and in 1999, he formed Too Cool with Scotty 2 Hotty. Rikishi would later join the group as well. Christopher held the tag titles once in the WWE with Scotty 2 Hotty. Christopher also held the NWA Tag Team Championships one time with Spellbinder.

Christopher’s last match was on November 11th, 2017 for the promotion Georgia Premier Wrestling against Donnie Primetime. As of today, Christopher was still the Memphis Southern Heavyweight Champion for the Memphis-based wrestling promotion. Christopher has been its champ a total of 2824 days since 2010.

Although these men may not have been the most popular wrestlers of their eras, they will be remembered by a generation of fans who grew up watching them. The entire Sports Al Dene staff sends it’s condolences to the Volkoff and Christopher families during this time.

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