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With a 56-37 win over the Oregon State Beavers, the Washington State Cougars returned with a victorious. It was a hard fought game, but the Cougars and our prospects proved to be too much for Oregon State. Let’s take a look at how they did this week.

James Williams – RB

Rushing: 10 carries, 56 yards, 5.6 YPR, 0TD

Receiving: 4 receptions, 78 yards, 19.9 YPC, 1 TD

On the ground, Williams did an adequate job, but he really flashed in the receiving game. His strength really is as a receiving back, which is good, because a lot of teams have added that element to their offense in the NFL.

He does need to work a little more on his ground game. Obviously, he will help in passing situations, but if you know it is a pass when he is on the field, it can take away some of the surprises in the play-calling. Williams has had better performances this season, but he had a solid day.

Game Day Grade: B

Current Draft Stock: 6th-7th Round

No Preview for Next Week: Bye Week

Davontavean Martin – WR

Receiving: 8 receptions, 119 yards, 14.9 YPC, 2 TD

This is the performance we have all been waiting for. Martin played well the entire game. Knowing he can strike at any time will always play in the Cougs favor. Giving him a few mid-range catches here and there can lull a defense to sleep. Then throw one downfield and Martin shows his athleticism and it ends in 6 points on the board.

I am glad that we saw him score in both halves. The Cougs need that kind of consistency, especially as they near northern rivals like Stanford, Oregon, and those Huskies in the Apple Cup. This was a game that really showed what Martin can do.

Game Day Grade: A+

Current Draft Stock: 4th Round

No Preview for Next Week: Bye Week

Andre Dillard – OL

Pass Attempts: 40 attempts and 0 sacks allowed

Andre Dillard will be drafted high in my opinion. He might not be in the first round, but I can see him being a 2nd rounder easily. He is so fun to watch. He really commands the field and is the kind of left tackle that every QB dreams of. If a team needs a tackle, they need to look at Dillard. The Browns might be a perfect spot for him. He is great in pass protection and really holds his own as a run-blocker as well.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 2nd Round

No Preview for Next Week: Bye Week

Nnamdi Oguayo – EDGE

Did Not Play: Injury

Oguyao is still injured. Hopefully, he can rest up during the bye week.

Game Day Grade: N/A

Draft Stock: 7th Round

No Preview for Next Week: Bye Week

Jalen Thompson – S

Tackles: 3 Solo, 3 Assist, 1 Fumble Recovery

Much like Dillard, Thompson is fun to watch each week. He just seems to be so comfortable on the field, like it was what he was born to do. They only allowed 221 yards passing, which might be a little high, and a few big plays happened, but it was still a good day.

I feel the Beavers did a good job preparing Blount to throw away from Thompson. That really opened up a few of those long passes. Plus Oregon State has a rushing offense that you have to respect. Given the scheme the defense had to run, it would leave passes open. Overall, Thompson had a good outing. It wasn’t his best, but it was still solid.

Game Day Grade: A-

Draft Stock: 3rd-4th Round

No Preview for Next Week: Bye Week

Let me know what you think about these prospects and how bye weeks make you feel in the comments!

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