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Washington State Cougars Game Day Grades – Week One

James Williams– Running Back

16 Carries, 82 Yards, 5.1 YPC, 1TD

10 Receptions, 53 Yards, 5.3 YPR, 1TD

No surprises as Williams played a big role in the offensive game plan in the season’s opener for the Cougs. Whether it was through the air, or on the ground, Coach Leach and his offensive staff found a way to feed him the ball.

Williams had 82 yards on 16 carries, which breaks down to about 5.1-yards per carry. That is great production from a running back in an Air Raid offense. He found The end zone on the ground with a three-yard scamper, that showed a lot of power getting through the first level of the Wyoming defense.

Williams also had 10 receptions against the Cowboy defense for 53 yards, which gives him 5.3-yards per catch. One of those receptions was a two-yard catch in the end zone for a touchdown. When your running back can have such success in the air and the ground, it will make an NFL scout’s ears perk up.

Game Day Grade: A

Current Draft Stock: 6thRound

Davontavean Martin– Wide Receiver

10 Receptions, 53 Yards, 5.3 YPC

Martin showed his explosiveness a few times in this game and fought to get open. He helped convert on a few crucial third downs. One specifically with a beautiful post route between a linebacker and safety.

Martin has shown he is not all athleticism. He has worked on his route running and footwork, which will help elevate him and make him more appealing to teams. I think Martin has the potential to be one of the best receivers that Washington State has seen in a long time, and that is really saying something.

Game Day Grade: B+

Current Draft Stock: 5thRound

Andre Dillard- Offensive Line

The offensive line did an outstanding job and Dillard was a big part of this push up front.  Linemen are easy to forget because there is usually not a stat-line for them, but offensively, they are one of the most critical pieces to success.

Dillard proved this as he did not allow a single sack or hurry for his quarterback Gardner Minshew. NFL teams want linemen who will protect their QB and that is exactly what they will get out of Dillard. His footwork and form seem to be a great area of strength for him.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 4thRound

Nnamdi Oguayo– EDGE

3 Tackles

Oguayo had a good presence, but his stats show that he could have played better. With only three tackles, he needs to fight harder to get to the ball, especially as the talent level gets better. Teams like Stanford and USC will boast great offensive linemen who will come ready to play.

I felt that he did get double teamed a few times, which left a few other open to make plays, but he needs to work on shedding blocks to help him move up to the next level. He will definitely be a player that I will watch closely to see how he does against San Jose State.

Game Day Grade: C-

Draft Stock: 6th – 7thRound

Jalen Thompson– Safety

3 Tackles, 1 Pass Deflection

Thompson had a great outing. Helping the Cougar defense only allow 67 yards passing is a huge feat and having Thompson over the top is no coincidence to this. Note to all quarterbacks in the Pac-12, if Thompson is over the top in coverage, don’t throw the deep ball, because you will have a bad outcome.

He needs to continue to get bigger, as that is one downside many see in Thompson. The NFL is much more physical, so he will need that size to compete with the big physical receivers in the NFL.

Game Day Grade: A+

Draft Stock: 4thRound

Let me know what you think about these prospects in the comments!

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