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Who Can (Will) It Be Now? The Next Laker That Is

Without fear of dating myself, “Who Can It Be Now” is the title of a song recorded in 1981 by Australian rock band Men At Work. The song experienced great success, as it reached number one on the charts here in the United States. The reason for the song reference is to slightly juxtapose the wording from “Can” to “Will” as in “Who Will It Be Now” that the Los Angeles Lakers find to pair with LeBron James.

Based on this seasons’ outcome, it appears that James needs help provided by another superstar caliber player to assist his efforts in getting the Lakers back to prominence. They are about to finish another losing season and will miss the playoffs for the sixth year in a row.

With a number of top-level free agents becoming available, such as Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, Klay Thompson and Kyrie Irving (what’s up with all the names beginning with the letter “K”?) Lakers fans are hopeful that Magic Johnson is able to convince one of them to join forces with LeBron and help right the ship in Lakerland.

This potential signing, along with the additions required to restock the roster due to players working on one-year contracts, leads to a critical and eventful summer for the franchise. The decisions made will either revive their fortunes or, in the alternative, see them sink further down the Western Conference standings.

James’ former Cleveland teammate/current Boston Celtic Kyrie Irving, is being mentioned as a young superstar, whose game compliments that of LeBron. Their efforts helped them to win a title together in 2016 when both were in Cleveland, as they defeated the Golden State Warriors four games to three.

Irving has demonstrated the ability to perform at an elite level. Irving also disclosed that he called LeBron earlier this season to apologize for how things ended between the two from their Cleveland days. Additionally, it appears that Irving has grown disenchanted with the state of affairs in Boston and would welcome a change of scenery. If this is, in fact, the case, one can’t help but think that Magic Johnson will do all that he can to convince Kyrie that he and LeBron should join forces again, this time in Los Angeles.

The other prominent free agents all have their appeal, but the familiarity of having played together, along with their having made amends, would seem to make a LeBron/Kyrie reunion an ideal situation.

Any of the aforementioned players would make a wonderful addition to whatever team he decides to sign with. Whether they choose to stay put or go elsewhere, someone’s fan base will be excited. Lakers fans are hopeful that they will celebrate two consecutive summers, after having landed LeBron in the summer of 2018.  We don’t know just yet who it is, but inquiring minds want to know “Who Will It Be Now” that will next don the Laker purple and gold.

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