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The War Raiders are the biggest team on NXT. Literally.

Hanson and Rowe are 552 pounds of pure destruction. Originally under the name War Machine in Ring Of Honor, they then made a transition to  New Japan Pro Wrestling where they ran the heavyweight tag division.  They truly transcend the norm in their heavyweight stature by using tag moves involving many high spots. The possibilities are endless with these two. Here is how I would book them from here on out.

As of now, the tag team division has been dominated by the Undisputed Era. But, at every turn, the War Raiders have been lurking.

The Next PPV is “Takeover: War Games 2.” From the looks of it we, will have the War Raiders and Ricochet vs the Undisputed Era vs British Strong Style. The groups are going to tear the Staples Center down without a doubt, but the only thing that is unsure will be the outcome.

Each team carries one title, with Ricochet the North American Championship, Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly holding the Tag Team Titles, and Pete Dunne the UK Champion. Stipulations have yet to be set, but many have speculated on the match being “Winner Take All.” If this is the case, then the outcome is completely up in the air.

I doubt that will be the stipulation, but I would not be opposed. Let’s say it isn’t; from there I would assume that Undisputed Era would take the win, showing how big of a threat the Era is, sending off British Strong Style to NXT UK, and still keeping Ricochet and War Raiders strong.

After that, I see the War Raiders fighting for the tag titles at “Takeover: Phoenix” and ultimately winning the titles. From there, the duo would hold the gold for a long time (maybe even a year) before dropping them to a new team. On the main roster, the possibilities of great matches are endless with the likes of The Revival, AOP, and The Bar. The War Raiders will definitely be a great team for years to come.

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