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As of this writing, the NBA Trade Deadline is just a few hours away. Pelicans star Anthony Davis has been held out of participating in games in lieu of preserving him from injury in the event a trade (with Los Angeles Lakers fans holding their collective breath), is able to be completed. The day prior to the deadline proved to be a busy day with trades being consummated at a frenetic pace.

While not a candidate for a midseason trade, Warriors All-Star forward Kevin Durant is keeping the NBA on the edge of its seat, wondering what his next move will be.

The Warriors are in pursuit of a third consecutive NBA title, and fourth in five years. Durant, a two-time Finals MVP, would play a significant role in helping Golden State seeing this become a reality. Given their goal, a midseason trade of Durant appears to be unlikely, however, he can become a free agent by opting out of the final year of his contract after this season. This possibility has Warriors executives and fans wondering “WWKD” – What Will Kevin Do?

In the event he places himself on the open market, Durant will certainly have no shortage of suitors. While the Warriors have the ability to pay him the most money, the bidding for the services of the player, widely regarded to be second only to Los Angeles Laker LeBron James, will be intense. Adding a player with the talent and star power of Kevin Durant would do wonders for any organization.

New York Knick fans are salivating with glee at the thought of not only Durant, but Boston Celtics guard Kyrie Irving, choosing to make Madison Square Garden the home arena in which they decide to ply their trade. Add in Duke Blue Devil freshman sensation Zion Williamson, he of the rim-rattling dunks, and you have must-see TV for at least the next decade.

After leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder behind with his last foray into free agency, Warriors fans have every right to be nervous at the prospect of watching Durant walk away. Given his stated desire to go to a team (ultimately Golden State) that offered him the chance to win a ring, two and potentially three rings later, could he have a new professional hurdle he’d like to clear?

While inquiring minds want to know, only KD knows for sure. Until his decision is made public, we can only wait and wonder. In Shakespearean fashion, one has to ask “To Leave, or Not to Leave. That is the Question.” Only Kevin Durant has the answer, with basketball fans nervously, anxiously and eagerly waiting, hoping he decides to make their NBA home his as well.

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