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This week’s power rankings saw swerves, stipulations, and off the cuff talk. Five hours of wrestling brought captivation on each show every single hour. Let’s get into the power rankings for the week of February 27th and 28th.

10. Sheamus and Cesaro

The Bar had a clean sweep of their opponents Titus World Wide. That makes three straight including the Elimination Chamber match. After the win the Bar cut a strong promo stating that no one is left to face them because they’re too great.

9. Ruby Riott

Back to back wins in straight weeks lands Riott the nine spot. Pins over Becky Lynch and Naomi is giving Riott the attention needed for her fight against Charlotte.

8. New Day/Usos

We were quickly reminded how great these two teams are together when going against each other. Both teams are incredible on the mic as we saw on SmackDown, which is why they are sharing this spot.

7. Bayley

The largest moment from the six-woman tag match was Bayley refusing to take the tag from an ailing Sasha Banks, as she jumped back from the ring to let Sasha suffer. Bayley made her intentions known that things are not okay between the two.

6. Dolph Ziggler

For Dolph Ziggler on Tuesday, the name of the game was run-ins. He super kicked Kevin Owens at the end of the opening segment, and followed up with a save of John Cena when it was all said and done. Ziggler is well liked by fans, and the WWE is finally using him in the right position.

5. Asuka

Another match and another victory by Asuka. Selling the fact she was still banged up from her pay per view match against Nia Jax, Asuka managed to get Mickie James tap out. Business as usual.

4. Seth Rollins

The trend of exceptional matches combined with favor from the crowd continued for Monday Night Rollins. It’s awesome to see how quickly he’s risen back to the top after being in the middle of the tag team picture for months. Rollin’s made his message clear after defeating the Miz that he wants a shot at the Intercontinental title at WrestleMania. Rollins disdain for Finn Balor cutting off his victory celebration has opened the door for a great story intertwined between them.

3. Ronda Rousey

Her microphone skills still needs work but even from Elimination Chamber to Monday, Rousey was better out there. What she does phenomenally though is facial expressions for intimidation. When Rousey menacingly stares through the heart of Stephanie McMahon saying “she will rip her arm off” you actually believe it. This continuing story of Rousey against the Helmsley’s is going along excellently.

2. Roman Reigns

Was it a work? Was it a shoot? It doesn’t matter, because Roman Reigns cut just about the best promo of his life. Reigns held no punches talking about his disrespect for Brock Lesnar, and how he and many others are tired of Lesnar’s part-time money grubbing schedule, or that he doesn’t ever seem to care about showing up to events instead to rather negotiate other ventures. Many people were reluctant for this match as they are sick and tired of Reigns being shoved in everyone’s faces, but this segment got over in a huge way, with the crowd giving Ooo’s and Ahh’s. This may have sent Roman free.

1. John Cena

Doing the double duty on both show’s lands Cena as the top guy on this week’s power rankings. On Raw he swerved everyone by saying he will fight the Undertaker at the show of all show’s, only to tell the fans that this isn’t possible, giving the crowd an example of what failure is like. His acting skills paid off here. Cena then headed on over the SmackDown, where he defeated A.J. Styles in a great main event match. Those two have the right chemistry to always put on an exciting match, which now puts Cena into the title match at Fastlane in a six-pack challenge. Don’t rule out the Undertaker scenario though, Monday’s swerve may have been a test to see how the crowd would react to such match, and they ate it straight out of the palm of Cena’s hands.

Week two of the power rankings is in the books and there’s no better time to have this than on the road to WrestleMania. Plots will certainly start to thicken and the SmackDown title picture will be cleared up. If the builds continue like this we should have a very pleasing showcase.

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