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WWE SmackDown Summary 2/20/18 More Build For Fastlane

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As SmackDown looks to continue the build for Fastlane, more matches including championship matches were added. There were also matches involving 4 of the 5 participants in the 5 way…

WWE Raw Review 2/19/18 Elimination Chamber Preview

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This week's Raw was the Elimination Chamber Preview. The show gave us three matches and one promo segment throughout the entire three hours.

WWE SmackDown Summary 2/13/18 A Fight To Get To WWE Fastlane

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As WWE Fastlane draws near, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin look to be in the main event. However, there were some twists and turns in their journey to be there.…

WWE Raw Review 2/12/18: Second Chance Main Event Ends In Controversy

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Last night's Raw was designed to reveal who will be the last competitor in the Men's Elimination Chamber match at the pay per view. They had their main event which…

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The Most Over Homegrown WWE Talent

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Much of the WWE today is flooded with stars who became name worthy from a start on the independent circles. There are some today though whose career path went strictly…
Austing vs McMahon

Celebrating 25 Years Of RAW: Top 25 Moments In RAW History

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We celebrate 25 years of a tremendous tv show that has brought us so many amazing moments that have made us feel every emotion under the sun and keeps us coming back…
Stone Cold

Top 10 WWE Royal Rumble Winners

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Since it is Rumble season again, I made a top 10 list of my favorite Royal Rumble winners of all time in the history of WWE.
Shinsuke Nakamura

Five WWE Superstars To Watch In 2018

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With 2017 wrapping up it is time to look ahead at the next year in WWE. Let's take a look at five superstars to watch in in 2018.