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Utah football has its work cut out for them this weekend, as they face off with Arizona. Arizona may not have the best record, but what they do have is the ability to put up points in bundles. Utah has proven they can limit teams to fewer points than they are used too, but the Utah offense still has to match their production, can they do that?

Zack Moss – RB – 20 Carries – 160 Yards – 2 TDs

Moss had an outstanding day, but how did he do it? It all starts with Moss’ ability to make defenders miss. Zack Moss has subtle moves to make defenders miss, he can really make defenders look silly. It really comes from a different aspect of his game though, his burst.

Moss can put his foot in the ground and be up to full speed in a blink. He may not be the fastest back, but neither is LeSean McCoy, and I’d say he’s done well for himself. Defenders don’t expect Moss to have the burst he does, due to the fact that he is 215 pounds.

Moss also runs full speed ahead at all times, making sure he gets every yard a defense offers him. Against Arizona, he will be so important because it will be his job to keep Arizona’s offense off the field.

Game Day Grade: A+

Current Draft Stock: Round 2-3

Chase Hansen – LB/S – 7 Solo Tackles – 2 Assists – 1 Sack

Chase Hansen is a linebacker that makes his blitz snaps count. Hansen is a very patient blitzer which means that offensive linemen and running backs take their eyes off him, allowing him to rush free. I also love to watch Hansen come off the edge because he comes down the heel line to shut down runs away from him.

Every game from Hansen convinces me more and more that he will be a nickel linebacker in the NFL. He can tackle big backs and tight ends and he can cover them. Hansen is a player built for today’s game, and the NFL will love him.

Against Arizona, a team that likes to spread defenses out and tests their athleticism, Hansen will have to be on his toes. If he isn’t, he will be stuck in the open field with his head spinning.

Game Day Grade: B+

Current Draft Stock: Round 2-4

Bradlee Anae – DL – 4 Tackles – 2 Sacks

Bradlee Anae is here and in a big way. Anae has 3.5 sacks over the last two weeks. Keep in mind that those sacks are against Stanford and Washington State, two good teams. Anae has shown that he can do more than just rush the passer.

In the first half, Stanford tried to bait him into coming upfield, but he stayed disciplined to crush the receiver who had the ball. Plays like that display high football IQ for defensive linemen.

Anae also displayed the ability to stand his ground against double teams, which is an essential ability for defensive linemen in the NFL today. Anae is making a name for himself in scouting circles.

Julian Blackmon – DB – 2 Tackles

Julian Blackmon showed something that will excite NFL teams, the ability to cover tight ends. Stanford always has tight ends that look like they were taken straight off an NFL roster. Blackmon used every inch of his 6’1″ frame to defend Stanford’s tight ends.

Blackmon also showed that he is very willing to come down and tackle, which will make him even more valuable in the NFL’s mind. Blackmon has the size to play at safety if NFL teams ask him too and his frame could stand a few more pounds to help withstand contact.

Blackmon will have his work cut out for him this weekend, as Arizona’s receiving leader averages 20 yards a catch. Blackmon is a big-bodied corner, but he lacks straightaway speed. It should be a fun matchup to watch with Arizona’s passing attack against Utah’s secondary.

Game Day Grade: B

Current Draft Stock: Round 3-4

Jackson Barton – OT

Barton fought to make a name for himself after the departure of Garrett Bolles. Barton flashed some things against Stanford, which was very inspiring. It is hard to diagnose offensive line play on a broadcast, but from what I could tell, Barton does a good job of handling long arm pass rushes. He understands how to use his hands to keep a defender off of his frame.

Stanford has some of the best athletes in college football, and Barton looked good in pass protection and opened up rushing lanes for Zack Moss all night long. Barton should look even better against Arizona, who doesn’t have anyone to really scare him. Barton may fly up draft boards in a shallow tackle draft.

Game Day Grade: B+

Current Draft Stock: Round 2-3

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The transition from college sports to pro sports is one of the only times where production isn't an indicator of ability. A scouts job is to see why a player is good at the game and determine if they will be successful in a certain scheme. No matter how talented the scout, they will always get a few wrong, I'm just trying to minimize that.

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